Argentina - The first NMP-DeLA Summer School and Expert Workshop took place  in Buenos Aires, from the 19th to 23rd May. This was a unique event focusing on Nano for Health and Nanomedicine, providing a great opportunity to analyse and share new developments in nanotechnology, nanoscience and new production technologies in the fields above mentioned.  

The participants attending the first Summer School day were 27 young researchers coming from different countries: Costa Rica, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil and Uruguay. 

The aim of the sessions - organized by MINCYT, ASCAMM, and REDINN – was to give participants a better perspective on NanoHealth and Nanomedicine and to present the EU and LAC policies on Nanotechnologies, dealing with market and consumers’ issues. 


The nine sessions on the first day of the Summer School were:

•Introduction to Nanohealth;

•Biologically inspired nanostructures;

•Nanoparticle interactions at the cellular level;

•Nanomaterial interactions at a whole organism level;

•Implants and tissue engineered constructs;

•EU Best practices: nanotechnologies in Portugal;

•Best practises from EU and LAC: FioNano, the Nanotechnology Initiative of Fiocruz & Nanotechnologies in Costa Rica;

•Synergies between EU and LAC on Nanomedicine.


For videos and interviews from the Summer School, visit: and the full proceedings of the Expert Workshop and the Summer School, can be found on this website:



NMP-DeLA is a project funded by the EU under FP7 and it focuses on facilitating the deployment of advanced and enabling technologies in areas of major social challenge in Latin America.